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Creativity tools for boundless imagination. Lightsome builds on children’s emotional health as they create unique digital stories.

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Emotionally intelligent young creators

The future is new generations of digital creators. How they feel inspires what they create. Storytelling and art allows them to fully express the complex thoughts flowing through young developing minds.

Lightsome builds tools to connect a child’s understanding of emotions to their creative work.

Early development of these soft skills helps kids thrive in all aspects of life. Lightsome creators will have the foundations of an effective problem-solver, communicator, and leader.

Beyond a story builder

Lightsome was built out of desire to be the best creative product with high social impact for young and future generations. We see the path to socially responsible digital creation is through building emotional awareness in young creators.

Beyond a story builder, Lightsome is designed to help kids attune to themselves and the world around them.

Lightsome is a story creation tool for spirited, imaginative kids 12 and under.

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